Monday, November 16, 2009

Hawkman Heads for Smallville

Geeks across the planet sounded the death knell for Smallville when it was moved to a Friday slot, but the boy in blue isn't going down fighting! The show seems to be packing in the super powered persons in both flavors (goody good and extra nasty) every week..and it works! Hey, any super show with the balls to bring on the Wonder Twins deserves a second..or third chance as the case may be. Did you see that Doomsday fight? Ridiculous..and not in a good way. Smallville is like a crazy x girlfriend who has genuine moments of wonderful in between screaming fits. I can't quit you.

Today, TV Guide gives a sneak peek at Hawkman in the much anticipated 2 hour TV movie staring the Justice Society and he looks something like..this...

You'll have to wait until February 5th for the whole shebang, but until then, hit the pic and read Tv Guide's interview with the man himself!

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