Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Batman Debate

I don't get most of the press releases from the toy companies anymore, so this one just popped up in my field of vision, so excuse me if it's old to you, the uber collector. It's a modern Batman utility belt replica from DC Direct, complete with pouchy goodness I now KNOW comic fans go crazy over after seeing the reaction to my Deadpool pouches. What can I say...everyone wanted to touch them. Before I continue my rant, dig exhibit A...

Here's where we rant more. Is Batman now wearing a shiny metallic belt buckle emblazoned with his insignia and did he actually request of Alfred to sew little bat buttons onto each pouch??!! This can't be what the real belt looks like right now. I could go knee deep into the impracticality of this belt in a "real world" situation, but I think my geek quota is overflowing from the last Toy Victory post and I have enough trouble getting dates already. DISCUSS!!

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