Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Telekinetic Girl VS NY Coffee Shop

With one week til the opening of the Carrie remake, super pranksters Thinkmodo took to the streets of New York City...and rigged a coffee shop for destruction. MIND EXPLODEY DESTRUCTION!! I don't know about you but if this had happened in Brooklyn when I was growing up, someone would have decked the poor girl. We all knew about mutants...and you gotta knock those suckers out fast. I'll also add, if friends of mine had rigged this, the dude's head would have went kaplooey and those coffee shop patrons would be scarred for life right now. Hit play and prepare to laugh your ass off. Suffice to say, if you are supposed to be working, you'll have to do this all ninja like...or just call everyone over and disrupt business for 5 minutes. Your call.

Carrie opens October 18th!

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