Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 Preview: The Mighty Marvel Universe Marches On

3 and 3 quarter inch action figure fans practically lit candles and donned veils of mourning when it was suggested the 6 inch Marvel Legends action figure line would get a major push for collectors moving forward, while 3 and 3 quarter inch scale would be utilized most often for movie figures targeted for kids...meaning softer sculpts, less articulation and those action features we love so much (read; revile). Soon after, we got the Avengers Assemble action figure series which were pretty much Marvel Universe REBORN...repackaged under the banner of the unstoppable stars of America's favorite super hero film. Genius. As new 3 and 3 quarter figure multi packs were shown at conventions but never made it to retail, fans wondered how dedicated Hasbro would be to this series, now 2 waves in but not very present at the store pegs. Today, we (sort of) get the answer.

A scan turned up during the holidays, most likely from the newest Previews book. This is a fat tome allowing a customer to hit a comic shop and order just about any collectible the world pumps out...or at least those that shoot across America. The listing announces the following...

Avengers Infinite Series Action Figures: Marvel Comics' Avengers are ready for action with Hasbro's new 6" Avengers Infinite Series Action Figures! These larger scale figures feature extensive articulation and detailing, and they come with accessories ready for battle. Choose from Captain America, Heroic Age Iron Man, Platinum Wasp, Platinum Hyperion, Platinum Hulk or Platinum Grim Reaper. Blister card packaging. (STK633545) Scheduled to ship in March 2014. Available only in the United States, Canada and U.S. Territories. $14.99

Die hard collectors will see all the red flags here, the most obvious being we just got a 6 inch Hyperion and the upcoming Captain America: Winter Soldier line has enough Cap figures to last us an eternity...unless you're still holding out hope for Future Cap...or Punisher Cap...or Vampire Cap. At least one of those things really happened. Further, the accessory on the Iron Man figure has been used very often with previous Marvel Universe Iron Man figures, not to mention the articulation most commonly used in that line is evident here. NOW...all that said, we have no idea why "PLATINUM" is slapped onto the beginning of most characters, other than Hasbro's recent love affair with fancy sounding colors (or lack thereof; see the Star Wars Black Series). We've contacted all points to see what areas of this wordage they'd like to clear up, but for now, we can enjoy the eye candy!

Hit up to find your local comic shops and pre-order your favorite toys. Images courtesy of Diamond Comics Distributors,

UPDATE: A new listing has turned up from Diamond stating the figures are, indeed, 3 and 3 quarter inch, but still keeps the "larger figures" language. I'm sure this will be sorted out by tomorrow.

So...The Grim Reaper, huh?! Seems there's hope for a complete 3 and 3 quarter inch Marvel Universe yet! Drop your wish lists into the comments!


  1. All three Ant-men (Hank Pym, Scott Lang and Eric O'Grady) would be nice, ALL of Alpha Flight, ALL of Power Pack (as cheesy as that may sound, they were an important part of the "Mutant Massacre"), Classic costume Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman, Executioner (The proposed one looks good-I hope it pans out), The original five X-Men with Professor X in a traditional wheelchair (Box-set maybe?), ALL of the Inhumans, a first-appearance Captain Marvel, The Swordsman, Venom, Carnage, The Chameleon, Uncle Ben & Aunt May (mail-in exclusive box-set or SDCC exclusive box-set maybe?), An elite-edition Invaders Box-Set (Cap, Bucky, Torch, Toro, Namor, The Whizzer, Miss America, Spitfire, Union Jack and the original Vision), Nomad, the Clint Barton Goliath (in the same scale as the Hank Pym Goliath and Bill Foster Goliath), Banshee, Arcade, Balder the Brave, Sif, The Warriors Three, Heimdall, Doctor Octopus...........I could go on with suggestions all night long, so I'll stop here.

  2. Please make a Morph figure for the new 3.75" Line!