Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers: Monster 500 For Your Creepy Kids

Kids love monsters...we love monsters! It works out perfectly. As you scramble around for last minute gifts, we thought we'd show you a line of toys perfect for children of any size.

Mini daredevils will enjoy browsing – and collecting – all ten of the hilariously creepy Monster 500 characters of Invasion One and Invasion Two. From CrocPot™, the potty animal, to Captain Heinous™ (from Uranus), the unbelievably fast outlaw, these one-of-a-kind creatures boast incredible personalities and live to race for one of five fiendish teams in the ultimate speed competition – Monster 500. Each character is sold as a small, 3-inch diecast vehicle. Customers can also collect select large character feature vehicles standing 4 inches high and 5 inches long. Enjoy even more twisting, toxic monster action with two playsets! The company plans to expand the Monster 500 assortment with additional characters and new products, including the introduction of Invasion Three and Invasion Four, beginning in Spring 2014.


Monster 500 Racing App Offers Digital Fun for Small Speedsters

With the growing popularity of items that combine physical and digital play, Toys“R”Us has introduced the Monster 500 app, designed to bring the action of Monster 500 to life in the digital realm. Each Monster 500 vehicle and playset will come with a trading card that can be used to unlock each character’s digital counterpart. As fans collect the figures, they will have the opportunity to advance through numerous race tracks in their effort to reach the Monster 500. This complimentary app is available now for Android and iOS.

Who Is This For: Kids who love monsters, creepy toys and Hot Wheels cars...and the adults who eat all that up too! The small scale cars provide instant fun for casual adult monster fans in an engaging format and are tiny enough to justify multiple purchases to keep around the desk or populate the book shelves without looking like clutter. For kids, the larger cars sounding off with maniacal laughter and screeching tire sounds will provide endless entertainment.

What You Should Know: Currently there are the two scales at retail (traditional sized cars and larger versions with light and sound). Both scales feel well made. Unique, fun character designs and quality sculpts will make older horror/toy fans instantly addicted. Trading cards and interactive, app elements accessed with codes will ensure extra play value.

Invasion One Characters

    Zoom Zombie™ (Team: The Driving Dead) A lowly chauffeur in his earthly life, he thrives on his new-found power and is rotten to the corpse.
    Lead Foot™ (Team: Lunatic Legends) He’ll squash the competition, and he does everything in a big way.
    Flattop Frank™ (Team: The Experi-Mentals) He may be a little slow-witted, but he’s flat out fast.
    Evil Clownevil™ (Team: Freak Force) He’s fearless, loves to perform amazing stunts and has one killer sense of humor.
    CrocPot™ (Team: Animal Asylum) Always quick with a one-liner on the track, he likes to make jokes and is especially fond of potty humor.

Invasion Two Characters

    Drac Attack™ (Team: The Driving Dead) With royalty in his blood, Drac feels like he’s better than all of the other monsters.
    Captain Heinous™ from Uranus (Team: Lunatic Legends) Wanted in 12 different universes for overdue parking tickets, he’s one Unbelievably Fast Outlaw.
    Dr. Jerkyl and Mr. Ride™ (Team: The Experi-Mentals) He’s racing against himself as much as he is against the other drivers.
    Turbo Chainsaw Massacre™ (Team: Freak Force) A deranged destructor, he’s a cut above the rest.
    Werewolf Blitzer™ (Team: Animal Asylum) His road to the Monster 500 was a little hairier than most. This greedy growler worked his way up the ranks the hard way.


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