Friday, December 13, 2013

Mega Man: The Board Game!

Here's an instant success story! With 36 days to go, Jasco Games has collected over 181 thousand dollars for their licensed Kickstarter...which is a tiny bit more than the 70k they were shooting for!

In the year 20XX, Jasco Games created Mega Man™ the Board Game. Destined to grace tabletops everywhere, the board game takes the classic formula that made the original Blue Bomber so memorable and transfers it to a whole new arena. This officially licensed board game brings gamers and board game enthusiasts everything they love about Mega Man: iconic robot masters, sinister villains, incredible power ups, and polished game play.

                                                         The Mega Man Core Game

                                               4 Pre-Constructed Player Decks (40 cards per deck)
                                               4 Mega Man Game Pieces
                                               4 Robot Master Game pieces (Trophies)
                                               1 Dr. Wily Game piece
                                               4 Game Boards for the Robot Masters
                                               1 Dr. Wily main board
                                               4 Mega Man Character Card Life Meters
                                             12 Stage Tokens for each Robot Master
                                             20 Stage Tokens for Dr. Wily
                                                  Mega Man The Board Game Rule book
                                               4 of each Robot Master boss cards
                                               4 Mega Man Character cards

The Mega Man Deluxe Game Includes all content from the Core game expanded to 6 players plus:

                                                         2 Pre-Constructed Player Decks
                                  6 Robot Master Boss cards for both Time Man and Oil Man
                                                           2 Mega Man Character cards
                                                   12 Tokens for Time man and Oil Man
                                         Time Man and Oil Man Game Pieces (Trophies)
                                  2 Robot Master Game Boards for Time Man and Oil Man
                                                 2 Additional Mega Man Game Pieces

Mega Man the Board Game is a 2-8 player “Side Scrolling” board game. Our team wanted to develop a game that has both the feeling of a single player Mega Man game and the excitement and interaction of a party game. After years of testing the game mechanics, we found a way to capture the experience of playing a Mega Man game while adding a new element unique to our board game: players will both control their character and, for the first time, control Dr. Wily’s forces as you impede the progress of other players.

Our belief is that all players should be having fun, even when it’s not their turn, which means no sitting around and waiting for other players to make a move. This methodology creates a more fun and strategic way to play Mega Man! Imagine yourselves not only focusing on blasting through the stage and getting the power ups, but also planning your next deal with an ally at the table to help bring down that pesky Mega Man player sitting to your left. You will learn that, while you are defeating Robot Masters, powering up and making your way to Dr. Wily’s Castle, you will have formed and broken many alliances, and may have even stopped your former ally from clearing the spikes along the way.

So can you handle this kind of betrayal, strategizing and cunning? If you’re up for the challenge, and ready to have some fun, then get ready to challenge your friends and experience a Mega Man adventure unlike any you’ve played before.

With their collected total at $182k and climbing, you might imagine some stretch goals have been unlocked.

...and if they hit 500k, all their pieces get colored!

Pledge levels are disappearing every second, so jump in there while you still can!

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