Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Threezero's Walking Dead 12 Inch Figures Shambling Forward

THERE WAS SPECULATION! Back in February when we had our annual visit with the fine folks at McFarlane (who later turned off their phones and stopped returning emails), they mentioned they couldn't do 12 inch figures of your favorite zombie apocalypse survivors and the dead head who love to chew on them because SOMEONE else had the license. They ventured a guess of Sideshow...and they were pretty sure they were right. Now, with the pre-order for their first pieces looming, Threezero is done playing it all ninja-like and is flat out showing off their impressive figure line. WARNING: After seeing these, you may want to throw your other toys away!

We are TREMENDOUSLY excited to announce pre-order dates and pricing of AMC's The Walking Dead Pet Zombies!

This license is very important for us and we want for these amazing characters to step out from the screen onto your displays and to your homes!

AMC's The Walking Dead Pet Zombies will be available for pre-order at www.threezerostore.com at December 13th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time.

Currently, the following characters are in the works:

Well Zombie

AMC's The Walking Dead Pet Zombie (Green Version or Red Version)

* each figure stands around ~12-inches (30.5 cm) tall;
* fully articulated figure (over 20 points of articulation)

* articulated head, shoulder and waist covered by an authentic soft skin lookalike material for the whole torso
* lots of attention to details, inducing realistic rotten flesh look, resembling characters on the show;
* realistic paint application to highlight all the details and freshly deceased look and feel;
* detailed clothing with detachable backpack
* real metal leash with the chain attached


Prices: USD 130/HKD 990 for singles
2 pack (exclusive to threezerstore) is USD 240/HKD 1869

The 2 pack exclusive will come with severed arms you'll only find here! December 13th is the first drop. Be prepared!

As an added bonus, we thought you'd like to see what else is in the works. Threezero has the license for the NEW Robocop remake and will be banging out an ED-209 robot. Sure, he's not the lovable, blasting, dinosaur-like screaching bot we know from the original film, but I challenge you to NOT love the design. Now take into account how big this sucker will be...

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