Thursday, August 14, 2014

LEGO's New The LEGO Movie Sets for 2015

Yes..redundant, but that's how you name things! Company name, subject and so on. No more lip from youuu. As we wallow in the long long wait for New York Comic Con and all the surprises that event will bring, we scour the globe for new info and images. Sometimes we get one and not the other...but sometimes the other already had a sneak peek at San Diego Comic-Con and ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD!! Yes..I'm hyper today. We all love The LEGO Movie and so more sets for this fantastic piece of hysterical animation was a no brainer. Here's what's on tap for 2015...

New Spring 2015 The Lego Movie sets:
70817 Batman and Super Angry Kitty Attack
70818 Double-Decker Couch
70819 Bad Cop Car Chase

Keep watching for more news on all the fantastic plastics 2015 will bring! Photos by Hailey Mordah

Note to websites looking for news: Please credit us. If you are grabbing pictures, please only grab half at the most of what we are showing and link back for the rest. We appreciate your interest and thank you for your cooperation!


  1. You should reveal a list hourly today. The traffic would be off the charts!

  2. Do you think either of the other sets will be large? It seems that the double decker could be taking a cue from super angry kitty and breaking out a smaller set from something that has already been released, or a close version of it (as double decker couch is part of the sea cow now). Thanks!

    1. It seems more than likely the Bad Cop Car Chase would be the larger set, though you'd think they covered this scene as well. If I was going to devote an entire set to the Double Decker Couch, seeing as how they already have one in the Sea Cow set, I guess I'd be doing the original Matrix-y scene where he first talks about the couch and have all the parts be translucent blue.. . ..or it could just be a way to give people the couch without the expense of the massive Sea Cow set..which is the more likely option.

  3. For the 'Bad Cop Car Chase' set, I hope these following vehicles will be included.

    1- Bricksburg PD squad car- (those cars were crashing into one another at the end of the Bricksburg car chase, a bit like in the Blues Brothers)
    2- Super Secret Police S.W.A.T van
    3- The motorcycles seen deployed from the Copper Chopper- (the Copper Chopper is way too big. It should get it's own individual set.)
    4- Bad Cop's police cruiser- (the flying car mode is the one released earlier, now can we please have the standard car mode one?)