Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Flying Over NECA's Massive 18 inch Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger Action Figure

How can you compete in a toy industry atmosphere that has so much amazing product pumping out from month to month? YOU GO BIG. UPGRADE!! NECA are already the undisputed masters of the 7 inch movie and video game based action figure, and now they are making a name for themselves in the "plus sized" figure circles. Currently sitting in front of us is the 18 inch Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger action figure, packed with articulation and light up elements making it one of THE BEST items you could own to celebrate your love of the film. More bang for your buck is an understatement. Let's take a look at what you get...

Here's the company line on this product...
"The main hero Jaeger receives the deluxe 18″ treatment including enhanced sculptural details, attachable chain-sword weapon, and lights on the chest and head. Standing an impressive 18″ tall with articulated neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees. Gipsy is very poseable and includes intricate paint detail to replicate all the battle damage and wear and tear seen on screen. The over 8″ long chain-sword weapon attaches at the forearms and can be wielded on the right or left side."



Point of fact, my Gipsy Danger came with TWO massive chain sword weapons, and even if one was meant to be a replacement should the first one break (though this would be no easy feat), both fit perfectly on both arm slots, so you've got double blade battle action when ever you like. Articulation is fair (though above average for similar toys of this size and price point), with extra points on the feet which help in getting this big, top heavy bot standing upright. You can't replicate a whole lot of battle poses due to the sculpt getting in the way, but what you can pull off is both fun and screen accurate. Let's face it, when your giant robot toy is THIS detailed and so well painted, THOSE ARE the action features! As icing on the Jaeger Cake, you get a blazing LED light in his head and a nice, warm, nuclear glow from his chest, both activated with one click of a button. Note that both features stay on until you click the button off...which is a Godsend for photography!


And now the ultimate question...and probably the deciding factor for those of you who need assurances you'll get a complete scene for your collection....What does 18" Gipsy look like next to NECA's soon-to-be-released giant-sized Kaiju Knifehead? Well I'm glad you asked...

Check out the rest of our NECA Pacific Rim 18 inch Gipsy Danger action figure image gallery HERE

Sold? Sold. NECA promise stellar sales mean more Kaiju and Jaegers in an 18 inch scale are on the way, so keep watching!  Click HERE to order your NECA Pacific Rim 18 inch Gipsy Danger today!

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