Thursday, December 4, 2014

DC Comics Girls Makeup Packs

Mark another product line into your "stealth release" logs. Wandering into Five Below always reveals a multitude of pop culture products...some I've seen before and am now ecstatic to find at deep discount...and some I've never seen before and wondered how the initial release slipped past me and allllll the geeks I know...because that's a pretty long list! You see, by the time an item reaches Five Below, we can assume it has enjoyed a wide release with as much or as little fanfare as the manufacturer will allow, then several month languishing on the pegs before the remainder is closed out to our discounty friends. After a bit of research, we discovered this DC Comics Girls line of nail polish, lip ka-balms, lip gloss and press on nails turned up in Walmart as far back as September (or at least that's where it was spotted by Nouveau Cheap Blogspot). Now, in their new home at Five Below, thrifty super women and young ladies can enjoy the line at three dollars a pop.

Word is the quality of these products is not so hot, but I'm sure you ladies aren't expecting much for 3 dollars. What may have collectors..male and female alike..popping for the line is the excellent art work used for each package...and perhaps the fact that most items come with a tiny little cape? Why? WHO CARES!?! It's freakin adorable. Now...where are those Super Best Friends Forever products we are sorely missing in the isles??!!!!! Check out the eye candy and happy hunting!

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