Wednesday, December 31, 2014

America's Holiday War With Elves

However you spend you holidays, there is one thing that was universally felt across the planet....those frikken elves have got to go. Anyone above the age of 10, unencumbered by that glaze of of hope that the jolliest of men would finally bring you the Oscar Meyer Weenie Whistle you asked for so long ago, surely noticed our nation overrun with lanky, red suited tricksters. Some merely cataloged the impish antics. Others...took matters into their own hands, often with the help of pint sized plastic friends willing to join the battle. As we head into a new year, Idle Hands presents this gallery of images plucked from across the Facebooks, serving as a reminder to be ever vigilant, lest we be caught unawares next year and wake up glazed like a Christmas ham and ready to be eaten by snickering elves. could happen. Don't let the terrorists win.

Note: A lot of these images have been shared so many times we had no clue where to find the owners for credit, so if you see something that is yours, we'll be happy to add your name in thanks!

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