Saturday, December 6, 2014

Big Chief Studios: The Latest on Doctor Who & Sherlock 12 inch Action Figures

While Hot Toys continue their domination of Asia and, closer to home, nearly every damn collector's heart here in the states via Sideshow Collectibles, a little company called Big Chief Studios has been making a big noise across the pond with a range of BBC TV based 12 inch action figures with likenesses that take down all comers. Our buddies at Big Chief set up camp at MCM Birmingham Comic Con nearly two weeks back and displayed their latest and greatest from both Doctor Who and Sherlock lines. Prepare to throw your money at the screen...

Among the new items on display were:

Doctor Who: The 1st Doctor


Doctor Who: The 4th Doctor alternate smiling head


Doctor Who: The Weeping Angels

Doctor Who: The 11th Doctor Series 7

 Doctor Who: The 12th Doctor

Doctor Who: The TARDIS Diorama Environment

Sherlock: Sherlock

Sherlock: Dr. John Watson

Sherlock: Mycroft Holmes

Sherlock: Jim Moriarty

Hit up the Big Chief Studios website for release dates, updated info and most importantly, how you can get your hands on these amazing figures! Thanks to Automattic Comics and Big Chief Studios for pics!

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