Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Toy Fair 2015: BEHOLD! Barbie the Princess Super Hero!!

It will be no news to you that Barbie has held several jobs over the course of our lifetime. From her humble beginnings as McDonalds employee to her stints as Astronaut, Fashion Designer, Doctor, Computer Tech, Mermaid...she's done it all...and sometimes, has done 2 or three things at the same time. How she was able to code websites while designing dresses under water is beyond me...but THAT'S OUR BARBIE!!  And she don't need no man to help her code anything. (double snaps). Now, Barbie takes on her most challenging, multi-taskular job position ever. PRINCESS SUPER HERO!!!

At the world's largest Toy Fair which takes place in Nuremberg, for the first time in Mattel's 56-year history, Barbie™ is pulling out a cape and mask and transforming into a modern day superhero. During a groundbreaking stunt at the Toy Fair, Barbie™ demonstrated her new superpowers and took to the skies in front of crowds of onlookers. The Toy Show is the mecca of the industry that sees the world's leading brands showcase the most innovative toys that kids will be playing with in 2015 and beyond. Barbie™ stole the show in her new superhero persona and performed a one of a kind global stunt.

Understanding that girls are looking for a different resolution than boys from "superhero play," Mattel has put Barbie™ in a role that inspires girls to be super themselves.

Her Super Sparkle. Yep. And if you thought that was awesome....there's a pop theme song. OF COURSE THERE'S A THEME SONG!! Click HERE to listen.

 "The world of superheroes has historically been tailored to boys where 'the good guys beat the bad guys," said Lori Pantel, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing for Barbie. "But we know that girls, too, enjoy empowered heroes but seek an outcome where the perceived bad characters transform to good and friendship is the lasting result. We thought it was time they were inspired by a new superhero that is playful, has extraordinary abilities and also uses her powers of forgiveness and friendship to defeat her foe - in a way that only Barbie can."

So..she saves sinking boats with her super strength, then fixes a skateboard with her fixo eye beams, does hair and then stops the world from spinning to stop time (as per Superman movie rules) so a little girl can get all her junk done before a play date. Yep. She sure is super!

The super-powered Barbie™ launch kicks-off as Barbie™ takes flight as a new hero, but stays grounded by the powers of teamwork and friendship, two critical themes in the way girls look to solve conflict. Nuremberg is the setting for the world premiere of Barbie™ in Princess Power DVD, which also marks the 30th Barbie™ animated film release and ignites a new girl empowered digital initiative for fans at

Barbie's™ transformation into a superhero follows an eclectic history of careers for the iconic character which have included a doctor, President of the United States, a mechanic and an astronaut, to name but a few.

We've only just begun!! Keep watching Idle Hands for your up to the minute Toy Fair fix!

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