Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Toy Spotting: Valentine's Day, Star Wars Hot Wheels, TMNT, LEGO & More

For those of you who visit regularly, the name "Toy Spotting" shouldn't be so unfamiliar. Glance at the top of the page and under all those pretty pictures, you'll see a slide show beckoning like a cosplaying siren dressed like gender bender Luke Skywalker. Whenever we are out in the world, we are constantly looking for the newest items you'll want to add to your collections...and so...Toy Spotting! Today we dumped about 80 new images in there including a sampling of Target and Walmart's Valentine's Day isles, New Lego sets for Star Wars, DC Comics and The Lego Movie, Hot Wheels $1 Star Wars car line and Imaginext Spongebob Movie figures! Let's hit the highlights...

- Spongebob Movie Toys: I know it's a kid's cartoon show, but more often than not, it's so funny, I can convince myself it's all for meeee. While running through the idles of Target, I spied the new Imaginext Spongebob movie figures, featuring the crew in their super powered forms. Take a peek...


- Next we have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutations Mix-and-Match figures; following in the footsteps of Hasbro's popular Mashers line, allowing you to mix and match your favorite character's body parts into original creations that were not meant to be dreamed up by mortal hands. WE SHOULDN'T HAVE PLAYED GOD!!! The concept is the same, utilizing the core Turtles, Splinter, Shredder, Metalhead, Tiger Claw and Slash. We also spotted transforming TMNT figures...Mutant Ninja to giant sized turtle, naturally.


- LEGO 2015: Lego wastes no time getting into toy isles as the new year begins! A trip to Walmart might score you the LEGO Movie Double Decker Couch set you've been saving a spot for at your desk. This set includes a sad Unikitty, the Ghost of Vitruvius and...a waffle...among several other must have mini figures. Meanwhile, a tinier set features a Micromanager Robot taking on Batman and an enraged Unikitty. NEED. We also spotted those new DC Super Heroes sets we had announced a ways back, alongside new Star Wars sets and some killer Minecraft sets sure to make the child in your home scream with the wanting.



- Speaking of LEGO...on an end cap nowhere near the toy isle was a while line of ELGO storage and sorting plastics! You think someone would give a shout to the world when something this smart surfaces.


- Hot Wheels had already released some fun designs for Star Wars cars, and now revisit the warring universe with a full wave of one dollar cars....that we found a little less than inspiring. But hey..they are a buck a piece. You'll probably buy them anyway. Now if they made all the ships in Hot Wheels packaging...


- Lastly we hit the holiday isles to see what new cross-promo merch companies have cooked up for Valentine's Day! Among the familiar Star Wars goblets and boxes of Valentine's cards were some pretty fun items. Take a look!


The Toy Spotting gallery gets updated...really whenever we come across something awesome, so be sure to check in often!

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