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Toy Fair 2015: Avengers: Age of Ultron Toys from Hasbro, Diamond Select, Mattel, LEGO & Hot Toys

Ahh..the dreaded street date. As more retail outlets employ people that are overworked and underpaid, a thing like the "street date" for a toy release is something that can be often overlooked. As we speak, toys from Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron have begun hitting shelves, although there is little they can reveal that the two meaty trailers have not. Let's look at a run down of everything spilling onto the internet so far...

We kick things off with ToyArk and share the collective sigh of disappointment over 3.75 inch action figures that cut back on both articulation, sculpt and paint. Hasbro's Avengers Initiative figure line continues with all the usual subjects, it seems.

Over to MarvelToyNews where the plus-sized Titan series has been spotted with some awesome new additions. It seems the Age of Ultron Titan line of 12 inch action figures now feature TITAN TECH, allowing them to shout phrases from the film and blast sound effects and if you pair them with the HulkBuster armor, they interact! For those wondering, according to the size chart ....

...the HulkBuster Armor stands at 11 feet, so if you've got the awesomely sized Marvel Select Acengers Hulk, they should look damn spiffy together! (yes..i said spiffy. it's early.) Here's a look at the Titan Tech line...

Over to Entertainment Earth where the Avengers merchandise has been slowly trickling into pre-orders. Among the messenger bags, coffee mugs and other knickknacks essential to modern living, you'll find a Marvel Select AOU Thor and Hulk (hulk hasn't been shown yet...but he's just wearing techy pants in this film, so don't expect an earth shattering reveal) and Mattel's additions to the movie lineup...Hot Wheels Car Sets!! Check out the Avengers Tower Takeover Track Set and the Quinjet Moto Launcher. Ladies will note, in the latest trailer, we see Black Widow on the motorcycle that drops from the Quinjet...because why the hell would Iron Man need a motorcycle? In this toy version, Iron Man gets one anyway..because..Iron Man. We'll also note the wordage of the "Tower Takeover" set, containing the info "Ultron has taken over Avengers Tower and is threatening anyone who comes his way." Now this could be just toy selling hype, or they could be referencing the moment when Ultron reveals himself in that very first cocktail party teaser clip with the armors smashing through the wall and such. Beyond that, we already saw Loki take over Stark Tower (now Avengers Tower), so I doubt they'll have a giant battle take place there again. We'll also point a waggly finger at pre-orders for Diamond Select Age of Ultron Minimates! Within these sets you'll find a "Sub-Ultron" Minimate, which is surely one of Ultron's soldiers, and mention of Iron Man's "Iron Legion". Soooo...I guess Tony made some more suits after that silly "let's blow up all the Iron Man armor" ending of Iron Man 3! Looks like a distinct possibility. The full lineup includes 2 packs containing Iron Man with Black Widow, Thor with Captain America, Hawkeye with Ultron and a rare one-per-case variant pack of Hawkeye in his long coat with a Sub-Ultron. There will also be a blind bagged single figure range including multiple types of Ultrons, Iron Man's drones, plus one-per-case Minimates of Baron Strucker and Ultron Mark 1. Diamond says there will be a second series of 2 packs and some Toys R Us exclusives on the way! Here's the eye candy...

Was there any doubt that Funko would get into the mix with plenty of Pop! Vinyl Figures, bobble heads and mystery minis? So far we've only got confirmation of Pops, which is more than enough for most of you casual plastic fiends. The Pop! Age of Ultron lineup includes Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Savage Hulk (said to be a Hot Topic Exclusive), Hawkeye, Ultron, Vision and Fading Vision (because he can become ghost like and walk through walls and such..so it should probably be Phasing Vision, no?)

We also got a good look at the upcoming LEGO Age of Ultron sets including Iron Man vs Ultron, The Avengers Quinjet Chase, Deul with Hydra (taking place in the snow..as in the trailer), Fall of the Avengers Tower (sooo..maybe there's something to that Hot Wheels set after all?), Hulkbuster Rescue Mission and Burglary at the Hydra Fortress. Some of my more eagle eyed friends point out that the Hydra raid may happen earlier in the movie, where they re-aquire Loki's staff, then the celebration with drinks, then Ultron attacks and one of Iron Man's corrupted armors (the Iron Legion) makes off with said staff. Soooo..it's very possible Ultron will be powered by Asgardian tech/magic. GAME CHANGER. You'll also note it looks like the Avengers rescue Vision from Ultron, so he is indeed on the good guy team, and Hulk appears to be in a holding machine of some sort, backing up our thoughts that he is whammied by Scarlet Witch, causing him to fight Iron Man.

Now we flash back to New York Comic Con where Hasbro showed off the very first figures from their Avengers: Age of Ultron lineup, including Captain America, The Hulk and a Quinjet with a teeny tiny Captain America on a motorcycle. We say tiny because that piece is part of Hasbro's 2.5 inch line we got a heaping helping of with Guardians of the Galaxy. Haven't seen em' yet? Hit any store. They are peg warming enough to heat a small Eskimo village. Cap and Hulk are from the 6 inch "Legends" line which will include a Build-A-Thanos. No word yet on whether this will be a movie or comic version of Thanos. No line would be complete without roleplay, so Hasbro teased us with a Captain America Star Launch Shield, Hulk Gamma Grip Fists and Iron Man Arc FX Armor.


We can't leave Hot Toys out of the mix. The undisputed masters of super hero 12 inch figures once again dominate the market place with a lineup of awesome Age of Ultron figures including Ultron himself, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Vision, Iron Man, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. They also showed off a Hulkbuster Iron Man that will, no doubt, destroy your wallet, leaving you homeless and foodless, but with an awesome toy to cuddle in your refrigerator box.

Check out further story insights taken from last night's Age of Ultron trailer reveal!
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