Monday, January 26, 2015

Toy Fair 2015: TOMY Pokemon, Sonic & More

Back into the UK Toy Fair 2015 coverage as we wade through a veritable sea of images Emilie Noetzel sent over from the show floor. She's on her way home now, so we wish her a safe trip! TOMY continues to wow fans with their fairly innovative and beautifully sculpted Pokemon figure lines while they add plenty of characters fans have been screaming for to their Sonic lines. Usually, we can't tell if a company with this much on display is showing anything new, but when you've got what looks like production grade figures along side prototypes, package mock ups and boards showing items yet to be made into three dimensions, you know you've hit pay dirt! Dive in and enjoy!



Battroborg Electronic Battle Game

Entertainment Earth

We've only just begun!! Keep watching Idle Hands for your up to the minute Toy Fair fix!

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  1. Oh god...That Lucario and Blaziken...Why are we getting cheap American knock of plushes again?! The Japanese ones are in American stores now and they are superior in quality. No more American knock offs please....