Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Toy Fair 2015: More Mighty Marvel from Hasbro

Back into the post UK, post Nuremberg, pre-NY Toy Fair 2015 show!!  WOOO. We should put all that on a t shirt. It's kinda catchy. Hasbro hops back into the kiddie pool with a stack of toys that may delight children while angering long time adult fans who will be found in the isles shaking boxes yelling "WHY AREN'T YOU A MARVEL LEGENDS AVENGERS LINE??!! YOU ARE WASTING MY PEG SPACE!!!" We are a passionate lot. Not a lot of info to go with this latest batch, but we've got little bits of knowledge to share along with the customary eye candy...

MARVEL MASHERS!! : This line grows on ebola. It's not so much the thought of mixing parts and creating your own silly Marvel character creation, but the ridiculous posability and balance of these figures coupled with a very aesthetically pleasing sculpt go a long way to hooking adult fans. You want the most fun Deadpool figure possible? This one has it...and you can give him giant, gorilla like Venom monster arms.

What's not to love? Now it seems Hasbro has noticed we are latching onto this line, and to push us over the edge, they've added accessories they know we can't live pizza. and a boxing glove. It's Xevoz all over again. ~throws money at the screen~ Here's the part I don't get...or rather the parts. Venom came with a Carnage arm. There is no Carnage figure. That's not too annoying, because it's just an arm and almost like a nod to the character. Hell give me Winter Soldier's robot arm. I'll geek out. These new sets add a head to the mix. Now I can own the head of Sabretooth or A-Bomb...but I can't build those characters because they aren't out. Will they come out at some point with a different facial expression? What's the plan here...torture me with a Sabretooth head Wolverine can run around town on a pike? I mean yea...that's amusing..but I kinda want a Sabretooth now...and you won't sell me one. You're weird, Hasbro.

UPDATE: Entertainment Earth has Wave 6 listed as including Skaar, Agent Venom, Hobgoblin and A apparently they have an A Bomb coming. Still questioning why you get a head in another pack all together. They've not done alternate facial expressions yet...but when they do... ~throws money at the screen~ ...Upgrade Series 5 will include Juggernaut, Whiplash and GROOT!


Next up we have the love em or hate em or love to hate em' TITAN figure series. These inexpensive 12 inch figures are the parents best friend and bane of a collector's existence, ushering in an era of soft sculpts, limited paint applications and the merest articulation possible. Sure, we have Marvel Legends, but with a bit more work, we might buy 12 inch, well sculpted, nicely painted but minimally posable figures too. Think on that. Meanwhile, Gentle Giant will soon be selling us giant Secret Wars figures with way less sculpting at 4 times the price. That must be a kick in the nuts. Here's the latest figures (including new rising movie star Quick Silver) and figure with vehicle packs.

While we are mulling over the value of a Titan figure that isn't the giant Age of Ultron Hulkbuster, we'll take the opportunity to show you a new 6 inch line with a whopping 3 to 4 points of articulation. I suppose these were a way to say "We are taking the action features out of our 6 inch kid's range, but they'll probably be the same price. WOOO!" Thrifty.

 Side note: We found a listing for 3.75 inch Avengers All Star figures and among the characters were Loki and Scarlet Witch. Take from that whatever joy you can.

Along side all these exciting new action figures, we found the usual odd bits and While you've seen most of the roleplay items for Avengers: Age of Ultron and those scattered left overs just marked Avengers, we did find two items we think will make you smile...

THOR POWER HAMMER GAME: Apparently the idea is to test your strength by smacking this bad boy down on a smooth surface. The read out will tell you your strength level and the images on the handle will show you who you can defeat, at your current level of mightiness. 100+, you can pummel a Frost Giant. At 300+ you are ready for the Battle of New York and all Chitauri attacking your local Starbucks. at 500+, Malekith is going Hades..most likely. At 700+, you can stop Loki in mid-monologue. PUNY GOD!! Finally, at 900+, you can cave in the robotic cranium of Ultron. Whether Ultron is stronger than Loki is left for a debate at another time....or in the comments.

Finally we have Avengers Monopoly. We are told this bad boy has been floating around since December, but we'd never seen it so we gave it the up-close-and-personal treatment so you can oooo and ahhhh over all the bits and pieces. MODOK IS ON THERE!!!

Plenty more to come!! Keep it locked in to Idle Hands for tons of Toy Fair 2015 coverage from around the world!

Note to websites looking for news: Please credit us. If you are grabbing pictures, please only grab half at the most of what we are showing and link back for the rest. We appreciate your interest and thank you for your cooperation.

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