Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Toy Fair 2015: NECA Debuts Interstellar, Batman, Pacific Rim & More

Our UK Toy Fair coverage is far from over, but before we get back into that ocean of awesome, we've got some new business to take care of! Nuremberg Toy Fair is ever the enigma with 99% of the show locked down to press (even though they give out press badges), but we've still got some goods to unveil. AND UNVEIL WE SHALL! Let's take a moment for...NECA appreciation. Any follower of Idle Hands on any one of our social media spots..or even my own personal pages, knows I can't help but gush over most of NECA's toy offerings. As this crew adds new articulation to every release, their sculpting and painting game remains as strong as ever and most importantly, they wear their fandom out on their sleeves for all to see, so we can't help but hope for them to get all the licenses we love...because they love what we love! Who continued the Masters of the Universe line when Mattel abandoned it? NECA. Who made a Balrog toy to battle our Toy Biz Lord of the Rings figures? NECA did. I start the slow clap for my New Jersey toy making family...and as you join me, we'll check out some new stuff in a quick but exciting sneak peek!

INTERSTELLAR: Sometimes, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. In this instance, the picture says all that needs to be said! It seems NECA have two new additions to their MEGO-esque action figure line with Matthew McConaughey as Cooper and Anne Hathaway as Brand from the wildly popular Christopher Nolan film "Interstellar".

Interstellar Ranger 1:72 Scale Model Kit
Order Interstellar Ranger 1:72 Scale Model Kit from Entertainment Earth!

Moving on to PACIFIC RIM! NECA has been killing it with a full line of 7 inch Jaegers and extra chunky Kaiju with an ever expanding character range, backed by mind blowing super sized figures that make male and female collectors alike shriek with fanboy-girl glee. Here's some new drool inducing info...

Reactor Blast Gipsy Danger features battle damage and uses the updated tooling introduced in Series 5. It comes with chain-sword accessory and an attachment that recreates a blast from the nuclear reactor in its chest.

The fan-requested Horizon Brave is a Mark-1 Chinese Jaeger and one of the first Jaegers ever constructed. Highlights of its battles appear in newsreels during the prologue to Pacific Rim. Horizon Brave features a spring-loaded missile launching mechanism.

It might be the littlest kaiju ever, but Baby Otachi is just as deadly as its Category IV mom! This freshly-spawned 6" long replica has an unsettlingly rubbery feel and features a detailed umbilical cord and bendable tail.

Let's continue with this monster theme and dive into full on horror with more from the ALIENS franchise...

NECA's highly successful line of classic video game tribute figures continues with the Dog Alien from Alien 3! The game was released in 1992 for the popular 8-bit home console. The Dog Alien stands almost 10" tall, with over 30 points of articulation, including an extendable inner mouth and bendable tail. Special two-tone paint deco reproduces the game's stylized look. Comes in special window box packaging to recreate the look and feel of the classic video game cartridge box.

Now we give the creepy a bit of METAL flavor with IRON MAIDEN...

Retro style meets classic metal in one amazing action figure! Straight from the cover of Iron Maiden's 1983
album Piece of Mind, Eddie is dressed in tailored fabric clothing, similar to the toy lines that helped define the licensed action figure market in the 1970s. The band's legendary mascot stands 8" tall and features real metal chains. Comes in blister card packaging with resealable protective clamshell.

We'll keep it dark with a hero who is one with the night. You wanted more BATMAN from NECA? You got it!

From the most successful Batman video game series ever! This impressive action figure is based on the Dark Knight’s appearance in the upcoming Arkham Knight, the final chapter in the acclaimed video game series. The figure stands over 18″ tall and features incredible detail that’s entirely accurate to the in-game model. Batman features over 25 points of articulation and includes Batarang and grapnel gun accessories, multiple interchangeable hands and a soft fabric cape. Window box packaging.

Introducing our first-ever action figure from Batman Returns! We are proud to present this 1/4 scale rendition of the Penguin, featuring the likeness of actor Danny DeVito, whose memorable performance as the twisted Oswald Cobblepot in the 1992 movie still defines the character. The fully poseable figure stands 15″ tall and features synthetic hair and a movie-authentic sculpt. Penguin comes with a removable fabric coat trimmed with faux fur, removable top hat and umbrella accessories. Loaded with extraordinary detail, this figure is a must-have for Batman fans!

And now we'll launch into a series of images from both UK and Nuremberg Toy Fairs. Some may be out already and some may be just shipping to stores now, but never let it be said we didn't show you everything we've got!

UK images by Emilie Noetzel : On Tap: Escape from New York, Pacific Rim, Planet of the Apes, the Predator Blade Fighter, and Rambo and Rocky video game action figures.

Nuremberg images by Marco Erdmann : On Tap: Alien, Planet of the Apes, Devil May Cry Dante, and Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street

Entertainment Earth
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  1. Was there a release date for the Interstellar figures?

  2. Was there really anyone out there that was just clamoring for Interstellar figures? I have to believe not...

    1. You underestimate the power of the McConaughey! Seriously though, even Edgar Wright instantly wanted a TARS action figure. They've got to work that one out next.

    2. "Was there really anyone out there that was just clamoring for Interstellar figures? I have to believe not..."

      I asked myself the same thing when I heard about this. I can't believe anyone would really want these, except for the most die-hard of Nolan fans.

    3. Please remain anonymous, because no one will ever care to hear your opinions nor know who gave them.