Thursday, December 1, 2016

Universal Makes Mummies Sexy Again!

Universal Pictures The Mummy 2017 Teaser Trailer
YAY!! From the company that brought you "Dracula: Untold Sexiness" and the masterminds behind the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe comes a Mummy whose curves will stop you DEAD in your tacks!! Being trapped in the underworld doesn't mean you can't get your nails did, and you better believe this gurrrrl knows about strategic placement of wrappings!! HERE WE GO AGAIN!! June 9th, 2017, you better call for your MUMMY! (They really need to make this version of the trailer when the full one drops.) Yes, folks, Universal's teaser trailer for The Mummy has been unleashed upon the internet and at the very least, it caters to Tom Cruise fans (like me) who just came to see him run (like me! lookit him go!)

Universal Pictures The Mummy 2017 Teaser Trailer

The Mummy 2017 casts Sofia Boutella (Star Trek Beyond) as Ahmanet, the sexualized incarnation of the classic movie monster. Last June, ComingSoon gave us a good look at Sofia in her wrappings, so this reveal is no surprise...though the manicured nails are good for a laugh. Who asked for a sexy mummy tearing up the streets of modern day London? Certainly not horror fans. I'm absolutely a "wait and see" sort of person (as I never expected to enjoy the last remake) and I'll definitely be there opening weekend or, at least, in the weeks after its release to see how things turned out, but as per usual, my expectations are waaaaaay low. From the look of this one teaser, it doesn't seem like Universal learned much from their attempt to make Dracula a sympathetic, sexy, supernatural super hero in medieval times with Dracula: Untold, but hell, they'll keep trying!

Universal Pictures The Mummy Teaser Poster

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