Saturday, December 31, 2016

Life In a Time of MADBALLS

Here at Idle hands, we often celebrate the fantastic times we live in, with mountains of geeky media to inhale with outstretched gimme hands on a daily basis. There's no greater evidence that we live in the golden era of dorkdom than THREE companies releasing Madballs items, simultaneously. THREE!!! That's three times the retro creepy toy fun, and in some cases, times 2 again as each company has more than one product releasing from the license, allowing the newly interested ball-enthusiast to have an instant collection over night. Let's check out who's got what...

Just Play:

Just Play's line of Madballs seemingly materialized overnight as we missed the very quiet statement made on the subject back in July and, apparently, their debut at a convention we've still not figured out. In keeping with these ninja stealth missions, Just Play's Madballs are said to be hitting Target stores NOW with two scales to satisfy your creepy ball-cravings (that could probably be phrased better)...

Madballs 3” foam balls. There are 6 characters. $7.99 each. Ages 4+

Skull Face
Horn Head
Oculus Orbus
Screamin’ Meemie
Dust Brain

You'll note Just Play's take on the classic Madballs art is a little more stylized and perhaps less blatantly creepy, in line with other monster and gross-out products released for little kids. Hey...whatever get's the lil creatures hooked on horror works for me!

Also in stores now and shipping early January are MadBalls 1.5” blind bags. There are 13 characters in this line, $2.99 each. Ages 4+

Those looking for more traditional Madball designs can look to kidrobot this January with 6 different 4 inch foam balls, 16 different blind boxed mini balls, 2 different "medium" balls and an assortment of mini keychains.

More pics of kidrobot's lineup HERE!

Super collectors looking for the ULTIMATE IN BALL OWNERSHIP are encouraged to head over to MONDO, who have created vinyl "figures" of three of the classic Madballs; Slobulus, Horn Head and Skull Face. While Mondo says they have taken some liberties with the original designs, Madballs fans will instantly recognize these three characters and most likely gush over the attention to detail and paint application, the likes of which we've probably never seen before, all for under $20 per ball if you buy them together!

MONDO also has a selection of Madballs ornaments if you are looking for more festive creeps!

More Madballs news to come!!

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