Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pop Culture Shock Enters Film Industry with Portal Popperz!

Some people re-watch their favorite 80's creature features, endlessly memorizing every detail and camera angle until they can replay the entirety in their head as if watching it on an IMAX screen. Others are inspired by the iconic imagery and lovable characters and shout LET'S MAKE OUR OWN DAMN MOVIE!!! Such is the case with our friends at Pop Culture Shock Collectibles and their head honcho Jerry Macaluso, who is no stranger to the grueling demands of bringing a film to life. This is a case where everyone wins, as this crew loves all the same things we love, and come January, you'll get the chance to pitch in and make their vision a reality!

PORTAL POPPERZ is a 1980s-style horror comedy Creature Feature directed by special effects artist and collectibles designer, Jerry Macaluso. Here's the synopsis:

"An augmented reality game called Portal Popperz has become a cultural phenomenon, and it seems like everyone has their eyes glued to their smartphones trying to catch the digital creatures. But to a motley crew of misfits in Empty Creek, California, it’s become an obsession. When the Popperz inexplicably burst out of the screen and start spawning in the real world, they leave a path of death and destruction in their wake, and it’s up to our unlikely heroes to stop them."

So what to Pokemon-esque monsters created by people who love 80's horror movies look like? Kinda!

January 10th, the Portal Popperz Kickstarter launches and with it, a multitude of chances to be a part of what is sure to be an unforgettable film. Keep watching!!

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