Sunday, January 15, 2017

Toy Fair 2017: JAKKS' Movie Wonder Woman in an Amazonian Scale

In a world where toy companies were trying to convince collectors, casual fans and kids alike that they preferred all their favorite plastics in as small a package as possible, most likely to maximize the 5 feet of real estate allotted to them at your local retailer, JAKKS Pacific said NOPE...we're going BIG. And they did..and went even bigger..and stopped at around 5 feet tall. Soon after, others joined in on the upscaling of pop culture icons, but we'll always remember when JAKKS made their mark.

Flash forward to TODAY. JAKKS have been fine tuning their Big Fig creation processes and with each release, the results get more and more impressive. If their Wonder Woman movie figures look half as good as these prototype pictures, you are going to see a lot of slack jawed DC Comics fans standing in the toy aisles.

I'd like the point out the fairly genius way JAKKS split their (possibly) single opportunity for a Wonder Woman movie figure into 2 Big Figs. The first, being your expected Wonder Woman with a sword and shield, ready to kick butt. The second employs her golden lasso and sees the figure shrouded in a cloak, at once giving the figure a medieval vibe and a more doll-like feel which may make this the go-to purchase for little girls (and most of the bigger ones!)

More Toy Fair news on the way!

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