Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Promo Vid for Sailor Moon Burlesque Will Kick Your Ass

With any number of social media readily available for sharing art via video, be it in 5 second bursts or an hour of deep drama, comes a daily deluge of content for the bored masses. Some of it attempts to make you laugh with a side order of crossed fingers that viral fame awaits. Some promotes worthwhile events, like the awesomely memorable and hysterical cat adoption video that made the rounds mere days ago. While these promo spots often range from 2 dollar budget to ..well..usually they appear to spring for up to 20 bucks in quality, few come off as if they've gone as far as they can with a concept. Sure, they get the job done, but are they fully immersive? Did they "pull the trigger"?? Where's the showmanship? direction..costumes....oh wait we found it all. IT IS HERE!!

Sadly, the event promoted by this insane music video happened in 2016, so yea..we missed the boat, but if we missed it, some of you missed it too, so we share.

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