Friday, July 21, 2017

SDCC 2017: McFarlane Teaming with Blumhouse for Spawn R Rated Movie

Broadcasting from the heights of San Diego Comic Con, Todd McFarlane jumped on Facebook Live with Kevin Smith to announce the champions of modern Hollywood, horror and indie cinema, Blumhouse, just signed a deal to make an R Rated Spawn film.

McFarlane asked fans to cross their fingers for Smith's Sam and Twitch TV series which is currently at BBC America. Smith is set to direct, write, and executive produce the series, based on two eccentric police detectives from the Spawn comic universe. McFarlane specifically remarked "cross your fingers and hope that get's going" before Smith jumped in and urged Mcfarlane to tell the world the Blumhouse Spawn movie news. Does this mean the Sam and Twitch TV series is stalled?

Blumhouse has been making a name for themselves in Hollywood for some time now with hit after hit on relatively small budgets, changing the way the film industry views their production criteria forever. Movies like Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge, and most recently, Get Out, have cemented the production house as the go-to team for modern horror, so what better place for a Spawn movie that may redefine the character for a new generation!

Now here's the real question...will Todd McFarlane loosen his death grip on the project enough to let film experts turn the legendary comic anti-hero into a house hold name once more? We shall see!

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