Sunday, January 28, 2018

Dark Horse's Game of Thrones: Jon Snow

Back into our Dark Horse Game of Thrones figure photo series with Jon know...winter is HERE!! As we dip into the snowy season on the east coast, the weather is providing the most perfect backdrop for a Jon Snow photo shoot, and a recent, wind driven blizzard set the mood. Jon is a complex man, forged by his loyalties and loves, as much, if not more than his hardships.

Known far and wide as the bastard son of Ned Stark, and so marked as such by his surname "Snow", Jon was raised in relative comfort, but uncertain of his place in the world. Though constantly reminded he had a father who loved him, his adoptive mother could offer nothing but indifference and veiled anger, as Jon stood a constant reminder of Ned's apparent infidelity.

Now a man, Jon seemed resigned to cast himself away among the men of the wall to find a sense of purpose. This calling would soon evolve as he became one of very few to see the White Walkers first hand and understand the grave peril all kingdoms now find themselves in. It is clear to him that only a unified Westeros can stand against the armies of the undead, and neither wildlings, warring nations, nor even death itself seem to be able to break his resolve. Jon takes his place as a leader, forging necessary alliances as the mystery of his birth begins to surface. All feelings of self worth and belonging must fall by the wayside. Time is running out for all humankind.

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