Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Toy Fair 2018: Jazwares On Hotel Transylvania

Here's an interesting moment in toy history. When the collective spite of geeks shuns all Adam Sandler movies to the point where next to no one would license an animated movie filled with monsters!! Everyone loves cartoon monsters, right?!! Not even knowing anything about the movie, from a toy standpoint, you'd say it sounds like a slam dunk.... right? Still, the first installment came and went and not one action figure hung, bat-like, from the pegs of toy stores across the globe. Hotel Transylvania 2 surfaced, and out of blind curiosity, me and Pete hit a screening...and it wasn't bad at all! Sadly, the only cartoon monsters to be found were at Burger King. I grabbed 3. Beggars can't be choosers. Now we've got Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation on the way and an animated series on TV as we speak, so it's high time we got some proper toys, with 10000% MORE MAVIS!!! Jazwares answers the call... 

As we are still working with UK Toy Fair coverage, there's little in the way of actual information to go with the stack of images we gathered, but none the less....STACK OF IMAGES!! Check out a big chunk of what Jazwares will be rolling out sometime this year and we promise to give a shout and find out more. Among the items on hand, you'll note they come in two distinct styles, one being the more CGI movie style and the other, a more stylized look from the animated series. Products include action figures in a couple of different scales, Mavis dolls, and Monster Mayhem blind box mini figures in the cutest frikken trunks I've ever seen!! You use a key to pop them open and inside, you'll find a little monster. Select trunks include key rings OR a piece of Hank! IT'S A BUILD-A-HANK!! There are 61 monsters to collect...soo...go get a job ya creepy lil kids. The line also includes mini Mavis in mini playsets, plush and what appears to be role play items!

Pics by Mat Hawkins @ Of Course Collectables and Geeks of Watford  www.ofcoursecollectables.com

More To Come!!

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