Saturday, January 13, 2018

Toys R Us Teases a Marvel Legends Days of Future Past Boxed Set

Toys R Us Teases Future Marvel Legends Days of Future Past Boxed Set
As we crawl into 2018 with a Marvel Legends Hydra action figure 2 pack in Toys R U stores, heralding a promise from Hasbro that they've heard our cries for army builders and will deliver, there's one army that loads of collectors would like to take a stab at, with cost being a major factor. SENTINELS!! Die-hard collectors will note the Sentinel Build A Figure from Toy Biz is the benchmark for this X-Men robot nemesis. Hasbro have tackled Sentinels in the Marvel Universe series, utilizing a more classic style and, sadly, a Galactus body, complete with abs and a belly button. ROBOTS DON'T GOT NO MOMMAS!! Now, a friendly vid from Toys R Us teases another round of Sentinel madness on the toy shelves...

In a vid on Toys R Us's Twitter introducing Errin Carner, who is in charge of their Fan Vault section (which I honestly had no idea was a thing), we get quick flashes around his desk where many an Easter egg could be hiding...if you have a working knowledge of every damn toy line he's got stacked up there. ORRRR you could just note when the camera sits at a dead stop on a giant box, seemingly away from his collection, screaming WITNESS ME!!!

Toys R Us Teases Future Marvel Legends Days of Future Past Boxed Set

Now, the toys shown were not reaaaally the subject of the video, so there was no reason for them to say anything about the Marvel Legends X-Men Days of Future Past all we've got is a picture and boundless speculation...which is kinda what geeks are best at. SO, here are the questions we should be asking...

Is this going to be a straight re-release of the Marvel Universe Sentinel in the classic comic colors?
What size will the Wolverine included in there be? Note the Marvel Universe series was 3.75 inch.

All questions will be answered at Toy Fair 2018! Leave your speculations in the comments!

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