Tuesday, July 17, 2018

SDCC 2018: Netflix Teases Stranger Things Season 3 with a Trip to the Mall

Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 Starcourt Mall Teaser
The MALL!! ..a phenomenon and an enigma to kids in Brooklyn when the first glorious cathedrals to consumerism first popped up. We didn't get "it" at first, but we sought out the only mall-like location in our city and after a time, it all made sense. Of course, after moving to New Jersey where there was absolutely nothing else to do, it made even more sense! No matter where you were raised, we probably all have odd mall stories, some including Frank Gorshin (Classic TV Batman's Riddler) chain smoking at a signing in the comic shop, or your friends hustling non-locals at the arcade on Street Fighter, pronouncing at the start of the second match "I'm now going to beat you by just throwing you over and over." The mall is forever burned my memory and, apparently, it made an impression on the Stranger Things crew as well..

We poured over this footage and save for the direct placement of Steve working at Scoops Ahoy, we didn't spot anything. If you saw something, sound off in the comments! As the commercial states the mall is coming "next summer", we may have just gotten a big hint as to when Stranger Things Season 3 will drop! Keep watching. San Diego Comic-Con may reveal more...

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