Thursday, January 17, 2019

Game Changer: Mattel Introduces Destructible Vehicles to their WWE Line

Mattel WWE Wrekkin Slam Vehicle Playset
For toy photographers, it's a matter of "we'll take it where ever we can get it." Anyone who has been involved with toy photography for a year or more knows that the right accessories can take a shot from mundane to magic in seconds. I'll also point out that anyone out there hunting for accessories for their figures and dioramas has most likely found that the WWE line is a treasure trove of oddball items and must have gems. From busted toilets and the BEST dumpster you'll ever find, to things you'd expect like ladders, tables and chairs..and the completely unexpected like brooms and mops, weights and a mattress that looks like it came straight from a crack den..I've found some amazing accessories for many photo shoots and a great deal of them came from the land of World Wrestling Entertainment. Now Mattel has incorporated some pretty simple "destruction" gimmicks into a full size sports car toy and anyone looking for a little extra WOW in their Spider-Man vs Anyone city street battle is going to lose their minds!

Mattel WWE Wrekkin Slam Vehicle Playset 001

WWE Wrekkin' Slam Mobile Vehicle Playset
It's a crash course in WWE action like never before! This WWE Wrekkin' Slam Mobile takes slammin' action out of the ring with this all-out awesome break-a-part vehicle featuring a sleek, sporty design with spoiler, cool rims and tires. The action really revs up with the Slam Mobile's 10 breakaway pieces. Start the crash and bash action by launching the Braun Strowman figure on or at the vehicle and watch the vehicle parts fly! You can also store WWE accessories in the trunk!

Mattel WWE Wrekkin Slam Vehicle Playset 001Mattel WWE Wrekkin Slam Vehicle Playset 001

Let's hope this is the start of more destructible vehicles and street items...and it too much to ask for NEW PLAYSETS??!! Please and thank you. The WWE Wrekkin Slam Mobile is popping up in stores now.

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