Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Udon to Release FLCL Archives this March

Udon FLCL Archives in English
Ride on, shooting stars! UDON Entertainment is proud to announce the release of The FLCL Archives, translated in English for the first time. Produced by legendary studios GAINAX and Production I.G., FLCL took anime to places it had never been with its spectacular off-the-wall animation, outrageous storyline, and endearing characters.

FLCL is a mesmerizing, 6-episode series told at a breakneck pace, featuring everything from giant, destructive robots, to a crazy, pink-haired, bass guitar wielding alien woman. Raising the bar to tell complex, fantastic stories in a short episodic run, FLCL’s continued impact on modern anime can still be seen today.

The FLCL Archives collects artwork from this landmark production, including key promotional art, character and location designs, and rough sketches in 248 full color, softcover pages. Early proposal sketches, concept art, and illustrator notes provide incredible insight in to the making of this beloved and influential series. The FLCL Archives is an essential tome for any fan of this classic series.

Udon FLCL ArchivesUdon FLCL ArchivesUdon FLCL Archives
Udon FLCL Archives

The FLCL Archives is scheduled for release on March 19, 2019.

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