Sunday, November 12, 2023

Factory Entertainment Recruits Beatles Fans To Launch The Yellow Submarine

Factory Entertainment The Beatles Yellow Submarine Replica 1
Factory Entertainment, a leading manufacturer of entertainment collectibles, today announced the latest addition of its ever-expanding range of pop-culture offerings: a studio scale model of The Beatles Yellow Submarine, but they need your help in making it a reality..

Over 200 artists worked tirelessly to create the surreal style of 1968’s The Beatles: Yellow Submarine feature-length musical fantasy motion-picture. No physical models of the Yellow Submarine were ever created for the production. To celebrate the 55th anniversary of the film, as well as the beloved Beatles song on which it's based, Factory Entertainment wanted to honor this psychedelic icon by realizing it as a real-world, studio scale model.

“We've been lucky enough create several versions of the Yellow Submarine over the years. This project is intended to be the ultimate homage and for me, a culmination of a journey that started decades ago, as a young child playing with a small diecast toy of this iconic undersea vessel.” said Factory Entertainment Creative Director, Barry Eldridge.

Factory Entertainment The Beatles Yellow Submarine Replica 1

Officially licensed and approved by Apple Corps, each studio scale model is an impressive 27 inches long (68.5cm). The main body is crafted from fiberglass and polyresin, plastic and diecast metal are used for the fittings. The conning tower section is removable, revealing a detailed interior inspired both by real-world naval architecture and the submarine interior scenes seen in the film. Each studio Yellow Submarine comes with a limited edition numbered plaque, display cradle and certificate of authenticity.

Here's how Beatles fans can help Factory Entertainment turn this fantasy Submarine a reality:

• 100 pre-orders are needed to set sail -- this project will not proceed until at least 100 orders are received by the end of the pre-sale period

• Pre-sale ends February 29, 2024

• A deposit of $100 is required on pre-order

• A maximum of 250 models will be built

• Models are expected to ship in the Fall/Winter of 2024

Factory Entertainment The Beatles Yellow Submarine Replica 1

As a special incentive, when 125 pre-orders are received, Factory Entertainment will include, at no extra charge, a ‘Sea of Holes’ inspired light-up display base with every model. This internally illuminated base features over 150 different color patterns and speed options, all operated via remote control.

For more information and to place an order, please visit Factory Entertainment's website at

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