Monday, October 25, 2010

The Costumes of New York Comic Con

Ahhh..the power of costumes. On a hot woman, the geek elements of her Zatanna outfit draw you in and give you an excuse to take a picture of her whilst her boobies keep you transfixed until it has become somewhat uncomfortable for both of you. Now take the same costume and put it on a somewhat hairy guy and you've got instant and epic comedy. Double Rainbows have nothing on a man in fishnets and a top hat. With all this fun, there is also horror. For instance, a child sized Flash costume should not be worn by a 300 lb man. The result looks as if he might explode at any moment, showering the crowd in peanut MnMs. There is also the horror of the rushed, unskilled costumer who is so desperate to get in on the fun, nothing will stop them. Many a duct tape warrior has fallen prey to this thinking. I'll also point out that, while we appreciate your willingness to be naked in public, JUST duct tape..or blue paint..does not a costume make. At least glue some fur to your bits and be Felicia from Darkstalkers if you need to show your goodies to the geeks of the world.

With all that said, I salute the Cosplayers of New York Comic Con and welcome you to click THIS LINK and enjoy them for yourself! Special thanks to Jordana Mariel who snapped a lot of these and was the cutest Hula Hooping Silk Spectre ever.

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