Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NEW Sexy Super Ladies for Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Line

This line is a total win from start to finish. If the price were a liiiiiiittle lower, I'd own them all. Kotobukiya has released new images for their "Sexy Ladies of Comic Books gone Anime" line AKA the Bishoujo Figure Series, and this time we get to see one from each camp. For DC Comics, its the first lady of the Justice League; Wonder Woman! For Marvel Comics, we get an equally powerful super woman in Ms. Marvel! These PVC figures stand around 8 and a half inches tall, give or take and will set you back 60 bucks a pop.

The release lineup goes like this...

Emma Frost (January), Black Cat (March) and Ms. Marvel (June)

Batgirl (December), Catwoman (January 2011) and Wonder Woman (January 2011)

Click the company names for more images of the line and consult with your local Geekerdashery (aka the comic shop) to pre-order today!

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