Friday, October 29, 2010

Onslaught Returns..and No Amount of Sobbing will Stop it

How do you follow up something as fantastically borish as Vampires running wild in the Marvel Universe?! Maybe bring back one of the worst baddies the 90's had to offer? One that ushered in a rebooted Marvel Universe that was very nearly a complete failure across the complete I just assumed no one anywhere likes to mention it, save when they post a picture of Captain America with boobs?

Welp. It's happening. ~sigh~

ONSLAUGHT UNLEASHED #1 Written by Sean McKeever, Penciled by FILIPE ANDRADE,
Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS and a Variant Covers by ROB LIEFELD as if to say "I'm back to give you fucking NIGHTMARES!!!" Rated T+ …$3.99 ON SALE THIS FEBRUARY!

Mark your calendars and stay off the streets when it happens.

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  1. This could be (possibly) interesting. Maybe without the Cap'n Boobage over there, though I wish Ramos was illustrating the entire thing.