Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Universal Unleashes New Licensees for Back to the Future, Scarface & More

When a major company like Universal doles out licenses to manufacturers, they often do it in one big clump. One such clump has just surfaced, so we thought we'd bring you the highlights VIA licensemag.com ...

BACK TO THE FUTURE: Mattel will be making action figures, vehicles and accessories across the planet while Tell Tale Games will shell out interactive games.

PSYCHO: Robies costumes will have Halloween costumes and accessories in the US and Canada. Fingers crossed for a knife that does the stabby shower sound!!

SCARFACE: NECA has the license for Action Figures and accessories across the globe and Denim Street will have new apparel in the UK

SMOKEY & THE BANDIT: Franklin Mint will have diecast vehicles across the US

JAWS: A company called M.A.C will have new apparel in Australia and New Zealand

SHAUN OF THE DEAD: Pyramid Poster will have postcards and posters in the UK and Eire while Aquarius Entertainment dishes out stationary in the same regions

Since Mattel knows full well that Back to the Future is a specialty item, expect them to follow a similar model to their Ghostbusters line (ie; their MattyCollector club selling figures and Mego-esque dolls), with a chance of vehicles at mass retail since Diamond cleared the way for that to happen.

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  1. back to the future is back in theaters right now.