Friday, October 1, 2010

My Psycho Sweet Halloween 2010: Part 4: Makeup Test

The challenge? SWEAT. The enemy of the geek. In a Batman cowl, sweat is more than an enemy. It is one with your head. Since I'm going to be slippery mess inside that rubber torture device, I decided to go very minimal with any makeup on the exposed parts of my face. I did a slight rubbing of black under my eyes with red liner smudged in and on the inside of my eyelids. Of course I did this after poking my eyes 16 times trying to get my contacts in. I'm getting better at it!! I also did a little white to pale out the area around my mouth and chin. I might go less when I do the actual costume because creme makeup always just seems to look like cream makeup and when I sweat for an will make me even creamier. I was tempted to use longer werewolf teeth I got from Scarecrow since Red Rain Batman sports sont enormous fangs. They seemed really uncomfortable, so I prepped the old standard ones and they look fine and are fairly comfortable. Test complete!

I also had the Casey Jones mask come in from Thailand. In the plus category, it looks the way its supposed to and feels durable. The straps are very high quality. In the minus, he rushed it out. With a little sanding and a coat of paint to give it a hockey mask sheen, it can look great. Probably still the cheapest, best option for those looking to do it up Casey style. I also got the golf bag in the mail and thankfully, it is light weight and came with a padded strap! Now I just need to fill it up with weapons of sports destruction.


  1. That's the best non movie Batman mask i've ever seen!!!
    Keep the fangs and make 'em bloody!


  2. Plz man! Where did you get this batman cowl? I am from Brazil and i am looking to find ths cowl for long time! Where did you bought it? Plz send me an e-mail

  3. The guy is named Reeves. This particular model is the Arkham cowl.

  4. DUDE I ordered the same mask good to know that's its good quality