Monday, October 25, 2010

The Power...of 1968

A gathering of great scientific minds dabbling in the possibilities of meta-human power come to the realization that one among them has already achieved the seemingly impossible! With a thought, this individual can kill, and now those who may reveal his or her identity are dropping at a time. This is surely a premise you’d head to the theaters to take in, am I right? A sort of supernatural murder mystery? As icing on the cake, the original has the added plus of being made in 1968….with all the wonder and awesome that comes with it.

First off, you’ve got George Hamilton (before the orange skin) and Suzanne Pleshette at the center of the mystery, racing around trying to reveal the murderer as their sources are squashed by evil brain power. The two are charismatic enough to carry the movie and at times, you’ll completely forget they are in mortal danger, as it seems they do as well. The third best character in the film is 1968 itself, revealed in all its glory through fantastic suits, epic hair, over the top accents and it its peak, a wild party populated by hot women and the old men who dance up a storm to try and get them in bed. THAT ALONE should be enough of a reason for you to snap this up.

Not much more can be said about The Power..and trust me I’ve wracked my brain. The cinematography is basic and flat like something slightly better than a 60’s made for TV thriller. Swap out Hamilton and Pleshette and the whole thing would fall apart. The script is all over the place and barely takes itself seriously, succeeding on the strength of the actor’s charm alone. By the time we get to the reveal of the killer, we are left wondering who the hell he is and why we should care anyway? Just take us back to that party scene and give us 20 more minutes of small talk between the drunks. I’d be perfectly content. This is a party movie…one you take out when your friends are having drinks and are a little too loud so you turn on the subtitles. The fact that it is in the 60’s will draw them in, the mind killing villain will make them stick around and the hysterical kill sequences will make it something they will recommend to other drunk people at other parties. The cover if the DVD itself should be enough to spark anyone's interest! (well..anyone fun.) If that isn’t a glowing endorsement, I don’t know what is.

The Power is available from Warner Brothers Archive Collection on DVD right NOW!! Buy it or George Hamilton will do brain mojo on you and you'll wake up craving Mojitos.

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