Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NYCC 2010: Shiny Collectibles

While not every company on the planet graced geekdom with their presence at New York Comic Con this year, there was certainly enough to keep me sweating..especially when you consider the show has yet to learn how to keep a crowd moving so I've practically got PTSD from the ordeal. We decided it would be best to put all the links in one place for your clickifying pleasure, so sit back, relax, and let the joy and longing wash over you simultaneously as you peruse the vast wonders of toys, statues and vinyl art figures across the show floor.

GO HERO / ZICA : with Buck Rogers Mego-like figures and 12 inch wonders including a George Romero figure I'd love to see made!! He's standing next to the little zombie girl from Night of the Living Dead. Awesome 2 pack potential!

TONNER : Makers of amazing dolls that surpass the humdrum name. This year on display you'll see new Harry Potter, DC Comics Stars, Alice in Wonderland, Firefly, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Tron, Muppets and some original costume designs collectors are sure to freak out over.

SQUARE ENIX : Killer toys never stop coming in from across the water. This year Square Eniz brings us new Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker figures, Assassin's Creed, Bleach, Halo Reach and Final Fantasy XIII

HASBRO : Stealthly hidden within the crowded confines of the Marvel booth, Hasbro brought their super hero all stars into the light with new Super Hero Squad figures and vehicles, a second look at the incoming wave of Marvel Legends 6 inch figures (YAY!), Marvel Universe scaled movie figures for Thor and Captain America, the main Marvel Universe line complete with a super sized Sentinel, super sized Frost Giant & Loki, super sized Goliath and a Giant-Size X-Men 6 figure boxed set!

DC DIRECT / DC UNLIMITED : Putting your displays at the corners of your booth is great...in theory. In reality, I got knocked over more times than Webster at the Million Man March. Never the less, I got the goods. Check out the new True Blood statue, DC Comics action figures and statues, DC Unlimited video game action figures, World of Warcrack..I mean craft and Starcraft figures, the newest Batman action figures, Brightest Day action figures, the hot Ame-Comi Heroine series PVC figures and the newest statues and busts you'll be hunting for.

DARK HORSE : With a fine selection of varied licenses including Domo (that little killer brownie monster who kills kittens when you masturbate), Dexter, Tim Burton, The Peanuts, Bettie Page, Eerie and Disney!

ART TOYS : You'll forgive me lumping this all together, but when you are fighting through the crowd, can't shoot past people that don't get that blocking the whole front of a table for a conversation means no one else can see the artists' work and generally clueless about who has made what to begin with, it is a losing battle. I did see some fantastic things before I had to pull the ejector lever, so I hope you enjoy them as well.

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