Thursday, October 21, 2010

LEGO Mini Figures...Beware the Brick

Those regular readers of my blog know I've been fighting an addiction for many years now. Army Building. Weather it be Hoth Snowtroopers or Rebels, Hydra Agents or Sentinels...if they are a force too numerous to be stopped, I want 30 of them to represent. It's...a problem...and I'm dealing with it, as my armies are beginning to infringe on me sleeping space..but LEGO collectors aren't so lucky. The LEGO company have turned evil enablers by releasing their Minifigure lines, 16 figures at a time for the low low price of 2 bucks a pop. The catch? BLIND PACKAGING!! You never know what you are going to get, so while you may be buying a handful in the hopes of scoring a Dracula, you'll most likely wind up with an army of Mimes and Mariachi Band Members. Here's a poor soul named Hillel Cooperman of recorded at BrickCon 2010 in Seattle. Feel his pain.

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and at 2 dollars, I didn't mind jumping in to give you a look. Unfortunately, I'm late to the party, so I've set my sights on Dracula, the Witch and Disco Stu rather than series 1's awesome offerings of Zombie, Ninja, Robot, Robin Hood and Gun Fighter. BAA!! I made my peace and in 9 packs, got 2 Mariachis, a Ringmaster, a Scoot Cop, a Brit Explorer, 2 Female Lifeguards, a Mime and a Karate Champ. After the initial building and some fumbling with the Mariachis due to stupid fingers, I decided to see what original figures I could make from my bits. Sadly, I didn't have long black hair or a knife to make my Mariachi into Machete, but I did pull off three scenes.

Scene 1: DJ Paulie D from Jersey Shore Hits on a Beach Hotty

Scene 2: Mexican Dayworkers Flee for freedom

Scene 3: 70's Porn Scenario

Fun for the whole family!

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