Friday, October 8, 2010

Cut Yo Eyes At Sum Squidbillies Plush

The Adult Swim Shop ( is heading to the big city this weekend, where it will be peddling its wares at New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center from Friday, October 8 through Sunday, October 10. Located at booth #1761, the shop will feature 45 unique and outlandish products for sale at the con, for fans’ purchasing pleasure. Key items available for sale include:

- Must-have, squishy plush based on fans’ favorite Squidbillies characters will make their debut at the con. Do you love the foul-mouthed hillbilly squids from the north Atlanta mountains? Then these first-of-their-kind plushies are for you! Available for $40 per set, make sure you put aside some cash for your very own set of Early and Sheriff or Rusty and Granny.
- What’s a show about toys without toys of its own? Our thoughts exactly. Building on the ridiculous success of the “Convention Nerd” debut at San Diego Comic Con this summer, fans of Robot Chicken can add two new figures to their collection as the Mad Scientist and Action Robot (complete with thrusting motion and its very own washing machine) from Jazwares’ all new Robot Chicken toy line will be available for sale at the Adult Swim booth for $15 each.
- You know what your life is missing? A Brock Samson bobble head. Don’t worry, the Adult Swim shop has you covered. Stop by the booth to pick up Bif Bang Pow!’s bobble heads based on some of the most popular characters from The Venture Bros. including The Monarch, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and Dr. Orpheus along with Brock, each available for $15.

Those are some of the highlights, but rest assured, there are many other items to choose from at the Adult Swim booth. Be sure to stop by and peruse the 45 different products available for sale, including t-shirts, ski masks, giant gummy bears, wallets and more. Armed with this outstandingly creative and essential line-up of products, you know what to do. Roll your quarters, get an advance on your allowance – whatever it takes to get there and get your grubby little hands on these must haves. See you this weekend.

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