Thursday, September 30, 2010

Catch Up With Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Since I know my readers, like me, have very short attention spans, full time jobs, and often, evil children that take up all their play time, I've compiled the first of the micro episodes for your viewing pleasure, all in one place. Be sure to post this link everywhere to thank me for my kindly deeds and to make up for the Birthday present you didn't get me, you bastard. I have to say so far, I'm extremely impressed!! Wrecking Crew and Absorbing man already on tap? I'm in. It's still a little kiddified for my taste, but until Marvel gets why Justice League Unlimited was so popular, I guess this is as good as its going to get. Here's hoping Hasbro learned something from the Wolverine and the X-Men figures that we didn't buy and give us a figure format we'll actually collect at a price that isn't obviously raping us.

In the two-part series premiere, "The Breakout," Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Wasp have defeated some of the most dangerous Super Villains on the planet. But when the Super Villain prison system mysteriously shuts down, chaos is unleashed on the world. Earth's Mightiest Heroes must now band together as the Avengers to protect the planet from the threats that no single Super Hero could face alone. Their first task is to try and stop Graviton, a being whose power dwarfs anything ever seen. He's after Nick Fury, but will destroy the world to get to him. Individually the heroes have no chance, but together they can make a difference.

Beginning with the "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" movies in 2008, the release of "The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!" follows Marvel’s overall "Avengers Assemble" strategy, introducing the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe through various content platforms. This includes the feature films "Iron Man 2" in May of 2010, "Thor" in May of 2011 and "Captain America: The First Avenger" in July of 2011, all building up to "Marvel Studios' The Avengers" theatrical film in 2012. Disney XD, the single largest distributor of Marvel content around the world, currently showcases approximately 20 hours of Marvel series (including "The Spectacular Spider-Man," "Fantastic Four" and "Iron Man") each week.

If you are so inclined, Marvel has also posted some character and villain profiles on their YouTube account. Enjoy!!

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