Saturday, September 11, 2010

New York Comic Con Exclusives On The Way

October 8th is closing in fast so we thought we'd spend some time outlining the most awesome of exclusives you'll be able to snag at the biggest comic convention on the East Coast!

Diamond Select kicks things off with two new Minimates sets from Marvel Comics.
Age of Apocalypse 4 Pack includes Cyclops, Magneto, Rogue and Sunfire.
The New Mutants 4 Pack includes Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Sunspot (though that looks more like Magma, sans boobies) and Karma. Both will be available at the Action Figure Xpress (Booth 1977).

Four Horsemen are up next, bringing their newest creations, The Outerspace Men to the coast they call home. Again, Action Figure Xpress (Booth 1977) play host to exclusives Astro-Nautilus: The Man from Neptune and Inferno: The Flame Man from Mercury. Toy Tokyo (Booth 2871) gets in on the action as well with exclusives Zodiac: The Man from Saturn and my personal favorite, Metamorpho: The Man from Alpha Centauri! These are considered the "Beta Phase" figures, cast in clear plastics. Each will be sold as a set of 2 for 24.99 and limited to 300 sets at their home bases.

Tonner (Booth 1635) bring their high end Character Figures to the show with a new edition in DC Comics character Artemis of Bana Mighdall with a newly sculpted head and 13 inch fashion body. $139.99 Action Figure Xpress (Booth 1977) will also be selling their exclusive DC Stars Zatanna character figure at the show.

More info to come as we get closer!

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