Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Mind Blowing Star Wars Adidas

A short while ago we blew your fragile little dorkling minds with the full upcoming line of Adidas Star Wars paraphernalia. Now we get word that the crown jewels of this collection are yet to come! Behold the beauty of a full line of original Star Wars Adidas sneaker designs coming this Fall to Adidas Originals shops. Does this mean those awesome Boba Fett sneakers are coming stateside? Looks like it. My estimation is that the edition of the sneakers on the blister card available across the pond is the specific exclusive, while those of us wishing to just wear those most awesome of kicks will be able to get them in the land of cross dressing restaurants and Lady Gaga (which is almost the same thing, but I'm uninspired today. Sue me.) Here's what's on tap...

Han Solo in Carbonite
Jabba the Hutt
Boba Fett

UPDATE:: Adidas PR says the entire line is dropping THIS MONTH so keep checking THIS PAGE in particular, as I'm sure they will pop up there eventually. We are told the sneakers will be available in Adidas Originals Stores worldwide as well as selected wholesalers. The Boba's are going for $130 (which means we have confirmation you'll be able to get them in the states), so earmark that next paycheck.

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