Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kotobukiya's Marvel Comics Bishoujo Statues

We got so much interest on the DC Comics Bishoujo statue story, we thought we might show you the latest release from Kotobukiya's Marvel Comics Bishoujo line! Black Cat is an excellent addition to the ladies, though the choice of her measurements is a little odd and the character is known for her voluptuous curves. Meanwhile, Catwoman looks ready to burst out of her similar zip up outfit! Scratch that (no cat pun intended), she's bursting. That zipper couldn't get any lower.

Here's the full Marvel lineup for the newbs in the audience...

Available Now:
Rogue, Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, White Phoenix, Black Widow (Yellow and Red Hair), Psylocke and Scarlet Witch

Coming Soon:
Emma Frost (January), Black Cat (March) and Ms. Marvel (June)

Here's a nifty vid covering all Kotobukiya's Marvel statue releases, including the boys!

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