Monday, September 20, 2010

Triad Takes on John Carter of Mars

There can be no doubt that most of the mind blowing work coming out of the land of collectibles today is in the 12 inch figure range. Hot Toys may rule the planet in this format, but a little company called triad toys is looking to stake their claim on a piece of that pie. Today, we learned about their John Carter of Mars project and since there is barely anything out there from this property AND the pieces are sufficiently incredible, we will share!


Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars Trilogy has been hailed as one of the most influential science fiction series of this century. Edgar Rice Burroughs started writing his Martian adventures in 1911, and even though science claims there is no life on Mars his stories remain vibrant and timeless tales, because Burroughs knew the appeal and power of the Martian myth. Writers like Ray Bradbury and scientists like Carl Sagan have acknowledged that Burroughs' Martian tales were the wellspring from which their own careers arose.

With his opening trilogy - considered one of the landmarks of science fiction - Burroughs created a vast and sweeping epic. Captain John Carter of the Confederate Army is whisked to Mars and discovers a dying world of dry ocean beds where giant four-armed barbarians rule, of crumbling cities home to an advanced but decaying civilization, a world of strange beasts and savage combat, a world where love, honor and loyalty become the stuff of adventure. The world of Barsoom.

In eleven books, Burroughs takes the reader all around the Red Planet (and even to Jupiter), while the action and excitement never let up. With his combination of super science and swordplay, not only will Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian tales provide thrills a-plenty, but you'll also discover that without Burroughs there probably never would have been modern science fiction as we know it!

John Carter of Mars 12 Inch figure features:
- New Triad Toys Evolution body with over 35 points of articulation
- Helmet
- Cape
- Hand-made leather chest harness
- Hand-made leather waist, arms, and leg harness
- Leather boots with magnets for use with Bullet Time stand
- Pistol with side holster
- Full metal sword and scabbard
- Four (4) pairs of hands

You'll also be able to score a TARS TARKAS M|X FORMAT 1/4 SCALE MIXED MEDIA FORMAT FIGURE, putting it at a height to tower over John Carter. For those not well versed in statues, mixed media means some of the little straps on the piece are real and not molded to the body. This statue is limited to 200 pieces world wide. Preorders are open right now on, for shipping this coming 4th quarter.

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