Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Psycho Sweet Halloween 2010: Part 1: Concept

This Halloween I got it in my head I would be Red Rain Batman. Why? Because it combines two of my favorite things...Horror and Mother Fucking Batman. Shortly after, Lori decided she was going to be April O'Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which of course meant she needed a Casey Jones or risk looking like a false nerd. I couldn't let that happen. While happy to do it up as Casey (which of course meant a new work out because that's how we do it), I was well aware the costume is super easy and since there are conventions every weekend in October save Halloween would be a TWO COSTUME YEAR!!! Woooooo. Yes, I do sleep with women from time to time. Why do you ask?

Costume 1:

Red Rain Batman - The original design for this costume is the basic comic and grey..with vampyness. Lame. So what we are doing is a more cloak like cape made from leather like vinyl that gathers around the shoulders creating more imposing bulk but also a more gothic/ medieval feel with tattered ends. The cowl is on order from Reeves..using his Arkham model for the taller ears and pointier nose. The gloves are being made from scratch with "Begins" style fins and pointed, slightly extended fingers for a sort of Nosferatu look and metal spikes that can be slid into housings on top. The rest of the costume is fairly basic with a Massif military shirt I'll be dying grey with slight padding under to exaggerate physique,knee high boots, black skinny jeans, a fairly normal canvas belt with larger ammo pouches and a more "Begins" looking buckle. I'll also be mixing up some fake blood to paint the bat symbol onto my shirt chest as if he paints the symbol back on after he kills an enemy as a ritual. Lastly I've got the vamp teeth and yellow contacts to complete the effect. I may also do some dried blood around my mouth for extra creep factor. The super talented Eileen Cleary is tackling the sewing. She kicks much ass.

Costume 2:

Casey Jones - He's bad ass and thankfully, its not really important to have a comic accurate costume as he just rocks a sleeveless shirt, fingerless workout gloves and sports wrappings, track pants, sneakers and rock and roll hair. Then you grab a golf bag, fill it with sports weapons and slap on a mask..which is the tricky part because a normal hockey mask won't cut it if you are a self respecting nerd. Luckily, God made Thailand and they make a mask that works. Rock.

More soon!

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