Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Batman: Brave and the Bold Season 1 Part 1 DVD Review

As a fan of DC Comics animation, it is hard to get into a new Batman show without risking a new round of hysterical tears for the loss of our beloved Justice League Unlimited....cut down..before it's prime. why... Luckily, Warner Brothers animation does things right more often then wrong, and such is the case with Batman: Brave and the Bold! The concept is fairly simple. Make Batman a liiiiiittle less intense for the wee childrens without taking away any of his badassery and at the same time, couple him with another DC comics hero in every episode. Some episodes even manage to slide in a covert "moral to the story" without beating it over the heads of those of us who just want to sit down and watch the bright, shiny colors. In short, SUCCESS! This show should be a shining example of what can happen when a cartoon show doesn't question the intelligence of the viewer, delivering quality stories, excellent animation and fast paced action along with the characters of the DC Universe we are dying to see on the screen. They've even gone one step more and made it funny! Not retarded kiddie humor funny with farting noises and characters looking at each other with dull expressions while the script reads UHHHHHHH.....WOOOOOOO...CAAACAWWWWW...for 5 minutes straight. Real, honest to God humor, witty banter and one liners that make sense in the scene. Amazing...and miles better than The Batman show with all of its re-imaginings of DC characters to make them ...i don't know..more extreeeeme??!! Who needs it? We don't, and neither do the kids. This show rocks because they stick to the source material and have fun with it.

Brave and the Bold delivers non stop hero action with a soundtrack seemingly torn from "The Tick" or a better example.."Johnny Quest." Jazzy beats drive our heroes to take down the villains and keep the viewer engaged while dancing in our seats like filthy beatniks. This set covers 13 episodes in a 2 disk Season 1 Part 1 collection. Heroes on board include Red Tornado, The Atom, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Speedy, Deadman, Bwana Beast, Jonah Hex, Plastic Man, Elongated Man, Blue Beetle, Wildcat, Bronze Tiger, Fire and the WHOLE DAMN GREEN LANTERN CORPS fighting the likes of Gentleman Ghost, Gorilla Grodd, The Joker, Owlman, Black Manta and many many more. While this is a whole lot of awesome for a 2 disk set, it should be noted it comes with ZERO special features, which are no doubt being saved for the complete Season 1 set, so be aware. This is probably excellent for a kid's party gift but not so hot for the Bat fan who wants to see it all.

Episode Highlights include...

The Atom trying to explain science to Aquaman while inside Batman's body.
G'nort. Seriously. They animated fucking G'NORT!! ..and he has speaking parts.
Batman tears a hole in time and space and multiple universe Batmen come pouring out, including Vampire Batman!!!
Guy Gardener gets punched in the chops. Freeze frame...replay...and again...
A Static Shock reference. You won't see it coming.
Red Tornado tries to sing. Believe it.

Batman: Brave and the Bold Season 1 Part 1 is on sale NOWWWW at your favorite proprietors of shiny disks. Enjoy!!

P.S....Cartoon Network...Make this happen. It's Time. But don't just rob John K's style. Bring him on board. Please and Thank you.

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