Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Psycho Sweet Halloween 2010: Part 2: The Pieces

In our last episode, I showed off the concepts for this year's Halloween costumes; Red Rain Batman and Casey Jones. I've redesigned the Red Rain costume because I'm not crazy about the slightly modified Bat blue and grey suit and you won't catch me dead in spandex. Casey Jones is a no brainer and I'm not shooting for super accuracy, so he stays pretty close to the source material. Here's where we are at...

Red Rain Batman: The Reeves Arkham Asylum Video Game inspired cowl has arrived and is sweeeeet. After a trial and error in getting the damned thing on, I was very happy with the effect, though I'm not sure if the little space inside will be an issue. Looks pretty good tho! Watch for pics with the contacts and teeth in for a future installment. The tall ears on this cowl really make it work. Eileen Cleary has just finished the first pass on the cape/cloak and will tackle the gathering around the shoulders next. We discussed how it might cover the bottom of the cowl and toyed with the idea of adding buckles, giving it a more gothic/medieval feel, but we are going to do a test run before we alter the design. Also in the house are the belt, boots and a chest piece for under armor, courtesy of a killer deal from Pastadude of The League of Heroes forum. I may swap out the small pouches for the larger, blocky vintage ammo pouches I used for Deadpool last year. I also scored a MASSIF Military shirt for a sort of practical battle gear shirt. Fits very nice over the armor. Now what do I use to paint on the bloody bat symbol that won't stain it forever, after I've died the whole shirt grey?

Casey Jones: Mask coming from Thailand..Golf Bag coming from Florida..sports wrappings and gloves from KMart and i've started the hysterical task of making all his weapons out of cardboard along with April O'Neil's camera for lori. Why? Because it is fucking funny.

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