Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Psycho Sweet Halloween 2010: Part 3: Cape Test

Elieen Cleary dropped in with the cape/cloak for a test run with the cowl. The concern was that the spot where it joins wouldn't cover the bottom of the cowl. On conventional Bat Suits, the cowl goes over the cape so it looks like the comic style that is all one piece. My design has the cowl on my shoulders, the bottom covered by the cape for a more medieval appearance. I was a little concerned when I first got the enormous cape on my shoulders. The gathering Eileen did at first give the appearance that I've got Bat-tumors on my shoulders or some kind of puffy shoulder look one would sport on the high fashion runway. When I pushed the cape back, the material around the shoulders laid down exactly the way it was meant to. GENIUS!! It also hangs very well in the back..less like a cape and more like folded in bat wings. An unexpected surprise! Unfortunately, the gloves just aren't working out, so I'm on the hunt for Begins style gloves I can alter the fingers on to make them come to points. I'm determined not to do REAL work tomorrow (my birthday!), so it seems like the perfect time to do a makeup test with the fangs and eyes in. I'll post pics when I have em'!

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