Sunday, September 12, 2010


Ahhh the Venture Brothers. A fantastic collection of my minds fondest comic book dreams animated and plastered across a screen for me to watch over and over again. Join the adventures of Dr. Venture as he scrambles to make a few bucks while being crushed by the considerable shadow cast by his long dead father and hero of the super science community. As he pops pills and dodges costumed villains, Brock Samson, his faithful bodyguard with a license to mangle, struggles to keep his two teen sons alive. He doesn't always succeed. There's MURDER! There's MYSTERY! There's a recovering PEDOPHILE! There's a super hot super villain chick with a man's smoker voice!! THERE'S A CHARACTER NAMED MOLITOV COCKTEASE!! If you aren't watching this cartoon right now, you'd best get to work.

Season 4.5 premieres this very day with an episode called “The Diving Bell vs. The Butter-Glider”. Drink it the fine elixir we call VENGEANCE!! The Monarch has spoken.

Cartoon Network TONIGHT!! 11:30 Eastern. Ignore this at your own PERIL!!!


  1. Never watched it. First time I've heard about it. Looks cool. Will have to see if they have a DVD series out. Reminds me of South Park, only with more real looking people. Surprised not more bleeps, or is the clip just the internet pg-13 version?

  2. They get pretty racy and its on past 10, perhaps? There's 2 or 3 seasons out on DVD so far. If you watched Hanna Barbera cartoons as a kid and dig Marvel Comics, you'll love this.